Brenna Dwyer


i don’t get it.

i don’t get why you’re friends with her. obviously i can’t do anything to change that but i think if i had more time to think about this relationship i would have put more thought into it. you’re a flirt….everyone knows it. and….i don’t like putting up with jealousy and up and down emotions ALL THE TIME. i love you soooo much but sometimes i just wonder if its all worth it. i mean, you’re friends with people that i absolutely hate. this girl is a bitch, and she isn’t trustworthy, and she’s fake. those are three things that would ring a bell in my head that said “hey i think this isn’t a friendship i want to be in”. but idk i guess everyones different….? I’ve thought about this a lot going off to the same college as you…n all i can think about is us growing apart and finding new people. i don’t want to think about it, but i think about it so often. crying everyday bc of this…and its just not right. i don’t feel right. i want to, but i don’t. just seeing you flirt with her everyday and pay more attention to her just makes me fucking sick. I’ve told you several times that i don’t like her but yet you still continue to flirt with her all the time. you know, a quote i really like is “a guy shouldn’t be making his girl jealous, he should be making other guys jealous of his girl.” that is all.


  1. You piss me off so easily
  2. You’re a douche bag
  3. You’re an arrogant asshole
  4. You’re a big fat meanie
  5. I don’t even mean any of this shit
  6. And dammit, I love you.
When you’re mean and moody and he’s patient and understanding even though he’s stressed from finals… <3

So true…


So true…